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Ning Yuan book launch event held in Beijing
A launch ceremony to promote three books by Ning Yuan (pen name), a former hostess who now works as a writer, was held in Beijing.
China announces winners of ethnic minority literature awards
China on Sunday unveiled the winners of the Steed Award, a national-level award for ethnic minority literature, in Beijing.
Novel approaches to annual book fair
Shanghai Book Fair was the first large-scale book fair to take place in China following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in late January.
Picture book series explores world of ancient creatures
The first two volumes of picture book series "Amazing Ancient Creatures" have been recently published.
Naguib Mahfouz museum sheds light on biography, works of Egypt's Nobel laureate novelist
In an ancient redeveloped two-floor building dating back to 1774, Naguib Mahfouz Museum and Creativity Center is located in the heart of Cairo, just near monumental Al-Azhar Mosque, to commemorate the life and works of Egypt's Nobel laureate novelist who died in August 2006.
New exhibition combines Peking Opera and picture stories
An exhibition at the Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House has brought together two unique cultural phenomena of China-Peking Opera and lianhuanhua, a Chinese form of picture-story books.
?CIPG attends Shanghai Book Fair
China International Publishing Group is displaying more than 5,800 publications at the Shanghai Book Fair August 12-18.
?Shanghai Book Fair opens to mark 17th anniversary
Shanghai launched a reading bonanza Wednesday to mark the 17th anniversary of the city's book fair.
Most popular Chinese dictionary launches 12th edition
The 12th edition of Xinhua Dictionary, published on Monday after nine years since its last edition.
Classics of East, West offer treasure trove for modern age
I cracked open a classic while cooped up recently and discovered that The Hobbit, a tale of long-ago Middle Earth, has much in common with an ancient tale about the Middle Kingdom.
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