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Handbook on traditional health exercises hits the market
The People's Sports Publishing House recently published Intangible Cultural Heritage Sports for Better Health (Feiyi Tiyu Jianshen Fa).
Reality-inspired novel on poverty eradication published
A novel drawing inspiration from the fight against poverty in an Yi village of southwest China's Sichuan Province has been published by Tiandi Press.
Book on effective community work practices published
A book on the 100 good practices of community work has been published by the People's Publishing House.
Masks have helped people face fears before
"It is a book about face and about life and death," fiction writer Zhang Chi said when talking about his work, Ancient People's Expressions.
The Great Wall mystery solved
Award-winning new book with eye-catching graphics answers key questions and shows the iconic monument in a manner that is easily digested.
Book series on classical Chinese novels published
A series of books on classical Chinese novels have been published, compiling 54 volumes of 25 classics.
National Library of China to reopen with daily cap of visitors
The National Library of China will reopen from May 12 with a daily cap of 1,200 visitors, among China's steps to resume normal economic and social order after the coronavirus epidemic eases.
IBBY announces Hans Christian Andersen Award winners
The International Board on Books for Young People livestreamed this year's Hans Christian Andersen Award ceremony on Monday, with Jacqueline Woodson of the United States winning as author and Albertine of Switzerland as illustrator.
Picture books illustrate China's COVID-19 fight
A set of picture books illustrating China's arduous battle against the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been published and will be translated into 11 languages, said its publisher in eastern China's Jiangsu Province.
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