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156,500 moviegoers flock to cinemas on first day of reopening
Total box office takings in China on Monday — the first day cinemas reopened after a 179-day shutdown — hit 3.49 million yuan, with a total of 156,500 admissions.
Ann Hui to receive top honor at Venice Film Festival
Chinese filmmaker Ann Hui will be presented with a Golden Lion award for lifetime achievement at the Venice Film Festival in September.
Delayed Shanghai film festival to open amid high anticipation
Organizers of 2020 Shanghai International Film & TV Festival announced on Friday that the festival will open on July 25, and many film screenings sold out in seconds.
First film to be released after COVID-19 shutdown announced
The first film to be released on July 20 when China's cinemas reopen will be "A First Farewell."
Netflix acquires high-profile Chinese game adaption film
"Double World," a fantasy adventure film adapted from one of China's most popular online games, will make its online debut in both China and overseas late this July thanks to a deal with Netflix.
Xiao Zhan earns Guinness record amid controversies
Chinese actor and singer Xiao Zhan set the Guinness World Record for the fastest-selling digital track in China despite months-long controversies due to his fandom.
China to clean up self-proclaimed kung fu masters
The Chinese Wushu Association has appealed to all the country's martial artists to embrace self-discipline, and not hype themselves as "masters" or engage in other violations.
Wu Jing, Zhao Tao join Oscar voters
Chinese actors Wu Jing and Huang Jue and actress Zhao Tao have joined the new Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences class to become Oscar voters.
Pingyang puppet show: A thriving traditional theatre
Puppet play, a form of entertainment that uses puppets to perform stories, is known as the "ancestor of opera".
Chinese animator to save live-action 'Three-Body' project
China's top animator Tian Xiaopeng will be the director of the live-action sci-fi epic "The Three-Body Problem," which could save the already shelved project.
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